I offer repair services to fit your needs such as:

  • Replace / rebuild reclining mechanism
  • Frame repair
  • Seat or back spring replacement
  • Replace pull handle & cable assemblies
  • Add / replace padding
  • Misc. – Reattach loose buttons, sew open seams, etc.

Need something repaired that’s not on the list?

I probably can fix it! Just ask me at our contact us page!

On-Site Repair Service

I do repairs at my shop, as well as in your home, at an assisted living home or a furniture store.

But, not all repairs can be done in-home, and might need to be taken back to my shop!

Locating the Parts You Need

Simply contact the retailer or manufacturer, provide the chair ID#s and place your order.

However, with retailers and manufacturers closing , policies changing, and no contact to the company, it often adds up to a customer service nightmare.

I can offer tips on how to track down the parts you may need… if they’re still available.